Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rutherford -- Christ a More Precious Treasure

Rutherford had many noble friends. Two of his best were Lord and Lady Kenmure. The Kenmures were very active in helping Rutherford and the kirk of Scotland in their quest for a spiritual reformation. In 1630, when Rutherford’s wife passed away, he wrote the following words of trust and resignation to his friends, the Kenmures:

“Whether God come to his children with a rod or a crown, if he come himself with it, it is well…. It is better to be sick, providing Christ come to the bed-side, and draw aside the curtains, and say ‘Courage, I am thy salvation,’ than to enjoy health, being lusty and strong, and never to be visited of God.”

Rutherford had an amazing perspective. Rutherford had been through this testing with his wife and had held out a constant hope in God. So four years later when Lord Kenmure died, Rutherford was able to write this piece of faith-filled counsel to Lady Kenmure:

“Your Lord never thought this world’s vain painted glory a gift worthy of you; and therefore would not bestow it on you, because he is to provide you with a better portion. Let the moveables go, the inheritance is yours. You are a child of the house, and joy is laid up for you.”

Is Christ that great a treasure to me? Am I so filled with the greatness and worth of Christ that I can call all else I hold dear “moveables”?

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carpenter&3kids said...

What a great argument for not "keeping up with jonses"