Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Personal -- Whitts Moved In

Congratulations to Paul and Christie Whitt and their family on finally getting moved in up at Northland Baptist Bible College. Paul is transitioning from a job as the world's greatest youth pastor to a job at Northland as...something important. For all of you Northland grads, you really missed out. Paul Whitt is a man of God that will be used greatly at Northland for many years to come! Here they are in the soon-to-be-frozen wasteland of NBBC:


Esther said...

I'm praying about attending NBBC in the fall of 2006. I'm working on filling out my application. It's pretty scary, I know nothing about the school. But I like hearing anything I can about it.

Will said...

If you get a chance to visit, do that. Visitin a school always helps. I've never been to NBBC, but I have a lot of friends who have.