Sunday, August 14, 2005

Personal -- Summer Retreat

We just returned yesterday from a trip to Alpine Camp at Appalachian Bible College in West Virginia. We took 10 of our teens on a summer retreat. We went whitewater rafting and rappelling and had a great time! I'll be putting some pictures up on the Grace Student Ministry website this week. Be sure to check it out.


loren said...

Hi Will,

I noticed on your profile that you are interested in the reformation. I believe the Bible foretells another reformation for the church of the end times (this prophecy would be found in Eph 4:13-16, at the premise level). It will have a very intentional focus on Jesus, referred to as 'the knowledge of the Son of God'.

Anyway, several of us are working on building a basic course from this perspective, and if you would find that interesting I would like to invite you to participate. Please check out an article or two and pray about it.

In Him,
Loren Bishop

Will said...


Sounds interesting. At the moment I just finished registering for my fall semester at school...despite the little voice inside me saying, "Stop! Stop! Too much!" :) I'm a little swamped now, but I appreciate the offer.

Trooper137 said...

It is good to see you are past the registration point. We will be praying for you this semester. I know your plate is FULL but you are up to the task. We would like to see you soon but it looks like gas prices and Louisiana are going to get in the way for a while.