Thursday, July 28, 2005

Welcome to Anwoth

There are a lot of questions to answer about Anwoth, the blog. Today I'm going to try to answer some of them. Then I'll ask some of my own.

1. What's an "Anwoth"?
Anowth is not a piece of clothing or an ethnic food or some theological term. Anwoth is the name of the small farming community in southern Scotland that Samuel Rutherford pastored in the mid-1600s. Here's a picture:

Samuel Rutherford has become a sort of hero for me. I will be posting about Samuel Rutherford once in a while so you can meet him too. I want this blog to be a virtual Anwoth--a place where Christ is loved and exalted, a place where you and I can enjoy each other's fellowship and our fellowship with the Bridegroom Himself!

2. What will I be blogging about?
Good question. My goals for the blog fall into three main categories. First, I want to keep friends and family up to date on what is going on in my family's life. Second, I want to generate profitable discussions of a theological nature (notice the emphasis on "profitable"). Finally, I want to have a forum to pass interesting things on to you and maybe even discuss those "interesting things." Yes, that is specifically vague so that I can post about anything that interests me and throw it into that last category.

Okay, my turn for a question:

For those of you who already blog, how do I automatically send an email to people when I create new posts?


carpenter&3kids said...

What type of pastor was Rutherford? Catholic, Protostant, Something in between? Can't wait to find out

CS said...

I really like the name that you picked for your blog, by the way.

trooper137 said...

Some time we need to talk and discuss a blog. I have not used one before. Does it give you na ability to talk to people from all over the world? Keep me posted.

Will said...

carpenter&3kids, Rutherford was a Protestant Puritan pastor. Don't worry, you'll know him well in the near future.

G said...

I checked it out, and I could only find that you can have an e-mail sent to you when someone comments, but not to others when you post. I guess you could get off your lazy bum and just send an e-mail to everyone. ;)


uncle nate said...

How did you attach a picture to you post? And how do you correctly set up an account? Every time I try to post i have to go through the sign up process again.