Saturday, July 30, 2005

Categories -- Things I'll Be Blogging About

I want to categorize the things I'll be blogging about into several categories. That way you can read only the blogs from a category that interests you. Here they are:

1. Theology -- Hopefully stimulating and profitable theological discussions; often something the Lord has recently been teaching me.

2. Personal -- Things about me and my family that may interest family and friends. I'll be posting one of these tomorrow.

3. Web -- Links to sites of interest on the Information Superhighway.

4. Just for Fun -- What can I say? Sometimes you just need a good laugh.

5. Samuel Rutherford -- History, quotes, anecdotes, etc. about a very ordinary man with a very extraordinary God.

For today, here's a Samuel Rutherford post:

Rutherford suffered great persecution at the hands of the state church. He was eventually taken out of his parish at Anwoth and exiled to Aberdeen. Yet in the midst of this persecution, he took an amazingly grace-enabled view of his persecutions. He frequently likened his persecution to carrying Christ's cross (Luke 9:23). Here's what he said about his banishment:

“O how sweet are the sufferings of Christ for Christ! God forgive them that raise an ill report upon the sweet cross of Christ. It is but our weak and dim eyes, and our looking only to the black side, that makes us mistake. Those who can take that crabbed tree handsomely upon their back, and fasten it on cannily, shall find it such a burden as wings unto a bird or sails to a ship.” (To Lady Kenmure, Aberdeen, November 22, 1636)

May God grant me that Christocentric attitude in all my joys and all my sufferings!

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