Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Chapter, Same Author

This week we closed one chapter in our lives and began a new one. This past Sunday, April 29, was our last day at Grace Bible Church. The journey there has been a long, rewarding and challenging one, especially in recent months. But we are confident that God is still the sovereign Author of our lives, guiding and directing for our joy and his glory!

Carrie and I took a much needed vacation day on Monday and took Daniel to the beach. He loved everything about it: the waves, the sand, the sand castle, the sea gulls...everything! We didn't take any pictures because this was a vacation for us. We wanted it to be as relaxing as possible, and it was.

Today I started job hunting. Please pray that God will provide exactly the job he wants for me. We know that he will meet our needs faithfully as he always has. We are so excited about the future. It's great to think that anything can happen! Isn't God good!

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