Thursday, November 30, 2006

Benny Hinn -- Christianity's Fraud Maker

I have had Benny Hinn on my mind for several weeks now, but I have refrained from writing about him. Here's why I have not written about Hinn so far:

1. I thought there was no way people could actually be fooled by Hinn's claims

2. I could not write in a good attitude; he makes me very angry.

I would strongly encourage you to watch the following video for some brief insights into why Benny Hinn upsets me so much. It's about 10 minutes long.

Watch it here. (I'm working on embedding a YouTube version, but this link will do for now.)

If you have about 45 minutes to invest, check out this special done by a Canadian news agency.

Now for the kicker, here is "Pastor Benny's" latest trick: Let's see if I can raise $6 million for my new private jet that I need to do the ministry. Read his letter here.

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