Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Daniel Update and a Rutherford Gem

Carrie is now just over 3 weeks away from her due date. Daniel seems to be doing well. He is a very active young man, keeping Carrie pretty uncomfortable most of the time. Carrie said he kicks so much that the first thing she's going to do when he comes out is kick him back! She was just kidding of course. :)


At the age of 37, Samuel Rutherford wrote to one of the men in his parish the following exhortation:

"Fy, fy upon us! that we have love lying rusting beside us or, which is worse, wasting upon some loathsome objects, and that Christ should lie his lone. Woe, woe is me! that sin hath made so many madmen, seeking the fool's paradise, fire under ice, and some good and desirable things, without and apart from Christ. Christ, Christ, nothing but Christ can cool our love's burning languor. O thirsty love! wilt thou set Christ, the well of life, to thy head, and drink thy fill? Drink and spare not; drink love and be drunken with Christ! Nay, alas! the distance betwixt us and Christ is a death. O, if we were clasped in other's arms! We should never [be separated] again, except heaven separated and sundered us; and that cannot be."

Oh, that we would not waste our love on "loathsome objects"!

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Cristy said...

You and Carrie and Daniel are in my prayers as his birth approaches. I am sure that Carrie is getting lots of advice about delivery and such, but I just have one thing that I have to pass on, having just experienced labor, delivery and C-section 4 days ago: If you have back pain, it could be labor! Just in case you haven't heard that information yet. I wish that I had known a little earlier.

Will, thanks for keeping us posted on what's going on with ya'll and for continuing to give encouragment for spiritual growth! I look forward to reading more here and at the Colaborers blog. (though I suspect that sometime in the next 3 weeks you'll be taking a bit of a break again!)